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Polaroid photos taken in Room 301

Room 301

A Social Experiment

#StayHuman in Room 301 at Kimpton Everly

3 months. 1 Hotel Room. 50+ People. 100 Confessions. 7 Vices.

The Kimpton Everly recently host the first social experiment in a hotel room. In Room 301 guests were provided with unique amenities, including a camera, iPad with Spotify playlist, white board, markers, and more. They were encouraged to take pictures of themselves, write an affirmation on the pinboard on for the next guest, and leave detailed and creative notes in the guest book. The room also featured an original artwork commissioned for the space by Colette Miller of the Global Angel Wings Project.

Room 301 aimed to spark human connection. Guests confessioned, snapped polaroid’s, left messages for the next guest, and more Read all about Room 301 and what guests shared

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